about us.

Sxteen Design Studio found by Branding Specialist & Creative Director Chameriyia Moncrief, is a Branding Agency committed to creating fresh and authentic designs. We work with companies, campaigns, nonprofits, and foundations to bring visions, ideas and movements to life. We believe in being unique and different in every way possible.

Found in Montgomery, AL and landed in Downtown Atlanta, GA & Miami, FL with a awesome team of 7; we're looking to take the creative train to as many entrepreneurs and individuals in need of our creative offerings.


Our Motto is "Those who dare to be different are impossible to be ignored". 

Differentiation is what captures attentions and holds the audience. We are committed to building brands whose foundation is built on compassion, authenticity and true vision. We enjoy working with those who aren't afraid to step outside the box and break rules to design and cross all boundaries.

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We design integrated experiences that embraces the digital world. From designing web experiences to e-commerce, mobile apps, we're your go-to partners for all your digital needs. + Web Design + Social Media Maintenace + Website Maintenance + Mobile Apps + eCommerce (Shopify, etc) + Web Apps and Products + Social Media Setup

brand identity.

Whether you're looking to launch a brand, create a brand new identity or you just need help delivering your message. We can help you find your unique voice, boost your growth and drive competitive vantage points. + Brand Story + Logos & Typography + Brand Guidelines + Brand Look and Feel + Lifestyle & Product Photography + Packaging & Product Design + Retail and Branded Spaces

printed media.

Whether a business card or a billboard design; we assist in helping you get your message across in every sector possible. + Marketing Material + Advertising / Direct Advertising Design + Outdoor and Indoor Advertising + Signage Design + Booklet and Publications

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