All work done by Sxteen Design Studio, LLC will be worked on in time frames of 10:00am to 5:00pm during hours’ designer/s are active. Work after this time frame will have to be due to sense of urgency, such as: Misspelled Content, Incorrect information (on designer behalf) or misplacement of content; if clients is pressed for an deadline or need if project has been signed off as complete.


Sxteen Design Studio, LLC acknowledges that they may receive or have access to information which relates to the Client’s past, present, or future products, vendor lists, creative works, marketing strategies, pending projects/proposals, and other proprietary information. Agency agrees to protect the confidentiality of the Client’s proprietary information and all physical forms, whether disclosed to Agency before this Agreement is signed or afterward. Unless strict confidentiality is requested by Client in advance of the establishment of this contract, Agency can display materials and final work created for Client on Agency’s website (


All projects under $3,000 are due upfront upon the start of any project. Projects totaling over the ($3000) amount are subjected to a 50% retainer fee.

All projects with Sxteen Design Studio, LLC are subjected to 3 free revisions per project, once revisions have been exceeded client will be responsible for paying revision fees before final project is released. Depending upon complexity of your project, most revision will be entitled to hourly rates (Printed Media or Brand Identity: $25.00/hr. Agency is responsible for the payment of all federal, state, and/or local taxes with respect to the services it performs for the client as an independent contractor. The Client will not treat Designer/Agency as an employee for any purpose.

content submission.

Upon inquiring with Sxteen Design Studio, LLC to design your project, please commit to ensuring that all content is sent within a reasonable time frame. Sxteen Design Studio, LLC has a 30 Day cap on content submission; if we have not received necessary content to start on your project, after those 30 Days an additional fee will be added onto your project cost in order to get us back started on your project. If you have paid only a retainer for your project, remainder dues will be due in order to get us back started on your project. 


If you have reached 60 days without further communication; if NO WORK has been started or no purchases have been made on the behalf of your project, money will be refunded.



One of the essential things in design is details. Communications via email and client portals are Sxteen Co way of ensuring we miss NOTHING.​ This allows us to have everything in writing, from your project request to your final approvals. Sxteen Co has a seamless client portal that will enable us to communicate efficiently, submit your designs, provide your invoices and manage your project.

Upon project acceptance, you will be added to our portal and given login details to keep up with every step of your project.


content design duplication.

As we are a creative agency and we as a team ensure all originality in our work, Sxteen Design Studio will not accept nor comply with directly duplicating a design found on internet or via other agencies portfolios. Unless a license has been attained to use that design and/or template we will decline the project and dismiss any and all assignments attached to that individual work.

client approval.

Upon acceptance of the Work, Client accepts responsibility for any further processes in which this work is used (e.g. film outpost, printing, etc.) Agency is not responsible for errors occurring in this work or projects related to this work after acceptance of the Work by the Client. 


When print projects are requested and finished and designs have gone through design process, mistakes after items have been printed will no longer in be designer/agency responsibility.




In naming your business you have given us the creative ability to pick a name that suits your brand. We will not duplicate another company or business name due to copyright infringements and legal compromising. All names we pick for your presentation will undergo trademark and copyright research. Upon closing of project and/or picking your final name and for any reason you seek to change name that is not on list it may be subjected to revision fees.


If you have purchased a Logo or any additional marketing material with the name we have concluded on, and any other projects have been started additional fees will be added to revisit naming and redesigning process.

usability rights.

You, the client, have ownership of the final logo design for use in any media application that is beneficial to your business. Sxteen Design Studio, LLC retains the right to use the final logo, or any versions of the logo created in the process, within printed and on-line portfolios, including promotional materials such as newsletters and advertisements. The client also gives Sxteen Design Studio, LLC permission to use client’s full name, business address, and/or website address, for testimonial purposes on our website, or other business related media. The client understands that it is their responsibility to copyright the logo design ( and/or seek trademark (

source file.

After the final designs of your project is approved, the design is sent to you as a digital file (.jpg, .pdf, and/or .eps). Sxteen Design Studio, LLC retain all rights to original work and designs (brand identity, printed graphics & etc.) and that the rights granted do not conflict any other agreement. Sources used to design original content is not to be sent out to client or any third party individuals (other design agencies, printers, etc). If any source files are sent to client; Sxteen Design Studio, LLC signing over all rights and ownership to any source files used to design any material will be subjected to 2x the original cost of your project. NO changes are authorized to be made by clients, printers or any third parties without the ownership of files given to clients signed by Sxteen Design Studio, LLC.


Both parties understand that Client or Agency may terminate the service at any time if, for any reason, the relationship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party. Upon written or verbal cancellation, Client is responsible for payment for all expenses incurred and any work done towards the completion of the project based on the percentage of the project completed that is determined by Agency. Should Client cancel the project following its completion, Client is responsible for full payment as per the agreed upon estimate plus all expenses incurred. In the event of cancellation, Agency retains ownership of all copyrights and original work created. If project is cancelled, no work will be sent out, even if completed if the project was not paid in full.


Due to agency and its designers has worked on your project and has delivered reviewing material and drafts, deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances. If you have paid the full amount only half (50%) of your paid amount will be returned; no exceptions.